03 April 2012

Fun Easter Treats

Easter is just around the corner and I thought I would post the super fun Krispy treats I made last year. I was instantly inspired when I saw the quick flashes of Rice Krispy treats shaped like eggs while my sister was forwarding past commercials on her DVR. "Oh my God!" I gasped, "GO BACK! It's Rice Krispy treats shaped into eggs and filled with M&Ms!" I am still amazed at how quickly my brain grabbed the whizzing images that flashed before my eyes and put them together to understand what it was. Why can't my brain work that well under normal circumstances, like when I walk into a room and forget why...but I digress.

Anyway, sugary sweets are not something I normally eat, but when inspiration hits, I must surrender to its power. Plus, I had never actually made Rice Krispy treats myself, and I always love new experiences. Turns out, they are super easy--a little time consuming with stuffing the eggs, but super easy. Making these 'treats' are fun for the whole family and I highly recommend these surprise 'eggs' as a creative way to make (and eat) them. So here is what you need:

 Hidden Surprise Easter Egg Treats
3 Tbsp. Butter
1 10 oz package large marshmallows
6 cups Rice Krispies
about 1/2 cup plain M&Ms
Plastic Easter eggs that open in half

The first thing to do is wash and dry the plastic eggs. You can also spray the insides with a light coating of oil, but I think that the butter does a pretty good job of keeping it from sticking. Your call. Melt the butter in a heavy bottomed pot (a thin pot can lead to burn spots). Add the marshmallows 

and stir until melted and smooth

Add the Rice Krispies and fold gently until well coated. 

Now to form the 'eggs':

The Kellog website's instructions say to stuff each half, remove it from the egg and put the Krispy treat halves together outside of the egg shells. I found this left a visible seem, so I continued by closing both halves, thus sealing the treats inside the eggs and they came out perfectly. 

Keep the mixture warm over minimum heat and scoop a large spoonful into an egg half, pressing it with greased fingers until it fills the shell and has a hollow center. Repeat with the other half, add 4-5 M&Ms into the hollow and close the shell so that the warm mixture seals together.

Let cool for a few minutes and remove from the shell so you can re-use the egg. In the meantime, continue forming your 'eggs' with the remaining mixture. Try to work quickly because the mixture gets harder as it cools.

These are so fun and so cute! Even without any embellishments, they are called "treats", but when you can break them open to find M&Ms, they are super surprise treats!


Check out the Kellog's Rice Krispies website for this and other fun ideas.


  1. All the children (little and big) are going to get a real kick out of this! Thanks!!!

    1. Thank you! I hope you all enjoyed them.

  2. Yum! I also just noticed that the Rebuild Monterosso link is wrong- could you please correct that? Your visitors are many and welcome! Thanks!

    1. No, thank you! I don't know why I never replied to this before because your comment meant so much to me! Neither of us started our "reports" for recognition or profit, but it was really nice to get a thank you from you. I remember that I fixed the link right away, so I'm sure I sent you a message somewhere about it--hopefully. Our paths crossed in the most unfortunate of ways, but I'm glad they did. We still need to actually meet each other, though! I hope you are well! xx

  3. What a fun idea Nicole! I'll have to try it next Easter. -Ammera

    1. Thank you Ammera! I hope you got to try them out...and if not, you can do it this coming Easter. ;)


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