30 July 2011

Sewing 101- L’ Inizio

A few months ago, after a series of afternoons strolling through town and window shopping, I felt completely annoyed by the current fashions. In the inevitability of sounding like my mother, I honestly could not justify spending money for things that look like rags. When I would think of things I would like to wear, I could think up great dresses and jackets. If only I knew how to sew…

21 July 2011

Sciroppo di Sambuca

Elderberry Trees grow all over Liguria and when you come across a tree with it’s branches hanging heavy with these clusters of black fruit attached to bright magenta stems, it begs to be picked! Unfortunately, I missed the flowers this season (there are so many wonderful things you can make with the incredibly floral Elderberry flower), but the bunches of berries did not escape me.

**Please note that elderberries are NOT to be eaten raw. They contain alkaloids that must be cooked out before consumption.

14 July 2011

Guarda Che Luna!

Having dinner at Il Settimo Cielo (see San Valentino) with a few friends and the full, bright moon was beautiful enough to interrupt our dinner and our conversation. How gorgeous is this? The view is of the Golfo dei Poeti, or Poet's Gulf, with Portovenere in the far distance and Ca di Mare on the small bay.  
A lovely summer evening...

08 July 2011

Making Limoncello

Like caffé, Limoncello is a quintessential Italian libation. If you have never had the pleasure of trying Limoncello, it is a very strong after-dinner liquore made from the skin of lemons. It is sweet, refreshing and can sooth that stomach ache you get from over-eating. Served in tiny chilled glasses, limoncello is so strong that you’ll be knocked off your feet if you have more than a little. For many who have traveled to Italy, this syrupy, bright yellow liquor conjures up visions of hot summer evenings, large delicious meals and the Amalfi coast. 

What you may not know, is that limoncello is incredibly easy to make yourself! It is a long process, but with only four ingredients, it is also very simple. Here is how to make your very own authentic limoncello, right in your own kitchen. You will wind up with almost two liters of limoncello, so, have enough bottles clean and ready. Smaller bottles are great for gift giving. *Make sure to use organic lemons, as this is made from soaking the peel in alcohol*

Vernazza Updates:

Vernazza is well on its way to normalcy and while I no longer write updates on their status, you can learn about the devastating floods of 2011 by clicking the label "Vernazza Updates". For the latest information from the organizations in Vernazza and Monterosso, visit SaveVernazza and Rebuild Monterosso.

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