30 July 2011

Sewing 101- L’ Inizio

A few months ago, after a series of afternoons strolling through town and window shopping, I felt completely annoyed by the current fashions. In the inevitability of sounding like my mother, I honestly could not justify spending money for things that look like rags. When I would think of things I would like to wear, I could think up great dresses and jackets. If only I knew how to sew…

Per fortuna, my mother-in-law is a skilled sarta, or seamstress and since she is the one that taught me to understand Italian, knit my own scarves and make sundried tomatoes, I figured—why not sewing as well? So this week, I am determined to start my first lessons--even though the middle of summer is no time to stay inside in front of a sewing machine all day —and I will aptly begin with a beach bag. It’s a fun project that flashed before my eyes when I saw the fabric at a store.
The coral motif is all the rage right now for household linens, but I think it makes a great beach bag—you know, with the whole sea thing going on. Plus, I found this random piece of red grip pad that would be a perfect base to not only make the bottom a bit rigid, but let the sand fall in-between the grooves and off of my things! I think it’s genius and I am very excited for the end result. Stay tuned!

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