29 January 2012

Vernazza Still Needs Your Help

Donations, small or large, are an incredibly important part of the rebuilding effort in Vernazza. If you still have not had a chance to donate, or would like to give more, there are several options and programs available. There are two Non-profits funding the rebuilding projects, one directly through the Commune di Vernazza and the other, set up by three American expats in Vernazza, called Save Vernazza. Both accept payments through PayPal.
Started by American expats in Vernazza, they keep their website, entirely in English, updated with the latest information, pictures, videos and the current rebuilding projects. Check out their site because it is a wealth of information! They can also help you organize a fundraising event in your area. They also accept your information if you would like to come to volunteer during the rebuilding. For their donation information, click here.

Their website, all in Italian, keeps a running total of the amount aquired and gives updates on the rebuilding projects. All the donation information can be found here.

Donation Projects:

This is a project set-up in association with Per Vernazza Futura called 'A Stone for Vernazza'. With a minimum donation amount of 20€ for individuals and 50€ for businesses, your name will be recorded inside one of the new premises and you will receive a certificate with your donation. For more information, click here.

The Riomaggiore Solidarity T-Shirt! Seen on everyone from Genova to Livorno, if you want to be in, you should get one of these shirts! They are being sold through "Riomaggioresi Nel Mondo" and you can request one by emailing them on their Facebook page, calling +39 339 2680455 or pick one up in Riomaggiore if you will be visiting.

Facebook Pages:
If you would like to stay updated and in the know about the daily goings on, you can join the following Facebook pages for more information.

Associazione Per Vernazza Futura
Save Vernazza
Diamo Una Mano A Ripulire Vernazza
Riomaggioresi Nel Mondo
Una Pietra Per Vernazza
Rebuild Monterosso
Cultural Comments Page

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Vernazza Updates:

Vernazza is well on its way to normalcy and while I no longer write updates on their status, you can learn about the devastating floods of 2011 by clicking the label "Vernazza Updates". For the latest information from the organizations in Vernazza and Monterosso, visit SaveVernazza and Rebuild Monterosso.

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