04 November 2011

Emergency in Genova!

The latest update on the terrible storm hitting the coast of Liguria again is shocking. The amount of rain dumping down on Genova is drawing comments from locals that they have never seen rain like this before and many are asking: "What have done to deserve this?"

To ad insult to injury, some of the people left without homes or evacuated from last weeks storm are staying in Genova! Poverini!

Again, I am not in Italy right now, so I am GLUED to the BBC in the hopes of seeing some news reports on what is happening in Italy and THERE HAS STILL BEEN ZERO COVERAGE! In fact, I just saw a quick weather report discussing the "heavy storms hitting southern France causing a risk of flooding and POSSIBLY threatening some flooding in northern Italy." POSSIBLY? Here is a video just uploaded to YouTube after HOURS of rainfall caused destructive flooding in the city:

Maybe the BBC has not heard of a website called "YouTube"? I don't want to sound crass, but this is getting ridiculous! Their story now, as I write this, is about going live to Los Angeles for news about Michael Jackson's doctor. REALLY???  Now breaking news--uh, finally...to hear these words is like music to my ears and I know they will finally talk about Italy...
"A report just in that a truck driver in Kenya has been shot". 
Ok, now I'm angry! Why is it so difficult to get coverage in Italy? I have been emailing the BBC and their "Have your Say" show, begging them to cover this story, but still nothing. SHAME ON YOU, BBC!

There are already 6 dead in Genova, two of which are children; 1 dead and 4 people still missing and presumed dead in the 5 Terre and estimates of more than 9 deaths throughout the Lunigiana. They have reporters on call in Kenya, but NO ONE in Italy? This is a tragedy that is going unreported. Blogs and online forums should not be the main source of world news--thank goodness we are all here to spread the word, but I find something terribly wrong with this!

Now, more than ever, it is important to make any donations to the Italian Red Cross, as they service the entire flood region. You can donate by credit card and PayPal directly on their website:
-Select “Emergency Tuscany and Liguria” for the preferred fund and if you are outside of Italy, leave the State option blank. If in the US, choose "Stati Uniti" for your country.
 If you live in Italy, you can donate 2 euros by sending a text message to the number 45500 from your cell.

For more donation information, click here.

At least there is a bit of good news out of Vernazza, as the storm has stayed west of the 5 Terre and has not rained very much in the area. Our global positive thinking and praying has worked! Let's keep it up and continue to visualize and pray for clear, dry skies...but for all if Liguria this time!


  1. hello Nicole....I like the blog, layout and all. Very informative. It is interesting and very important that people take note that this flood reporting has not been flighted on main international coverage. I have been looking at the satellite pictures for the past four days and seen the build up to this flooding. Furthermore, I have been taking note of un-marked aircraft that have been seeding clouds over Italy 24hours a day. While this technology is still categorized as 'conspiracy theory', it is in plain view for every citizen to know what NATO is doing with this cloud making. In my opinion citizens of Europe should wake up, look up and see what is going on. I have heard that this 'cloud making' has been put forward as an inquiry to Italy President of the Republic who dismissed it as a matter to be taken up with the Minister of Defense. Would not this cloud making program not be partly responsible for the deluge Italy has experienced? Is it not our right to know what is going on?

  2. Hi Nicole! I Love your blog! I found it through Kate Little's Paradiso blog. I will enjoy exploring it.
    I feel the same way you do about the news coverage. If I had not seen a brief news report on Oct. 26 about a flood on the coast in Northern Italy, I would not have known for quite some time, and I live in Canada, where I though we had pretty good world news coverage. I do not understand why this disaster has not made the news more than that.
    Thank GOD for the internet, and bloggers like yourself to get the much needed reports out to the world.
    I am a proud donator to the Italian Red Cross.
    I also encouraged people on my own blog to do the same. www.bellasabroad.wordpress.com
    Grazie Mille for your Blog and updates. I look forward to more posts.


I really appreciate your comments.

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