19 August 2011

Ligurian Picnic

My husband is not a picnic guy--it's not that he doesn't like picnics, it's just that he never thinks it's a good idea. But the other day, he came into the kitchen and suggested we go into the hills for a picnic to watch the sunset. Wow! I was not about to pass that up! Luckily, I had already made some roasted eggplant hummus and roasted vegetable tabbouleh for dinner, which was all easily portable food. So I packed everything up into containers, grabbed some blankets, a bottle of wine and we were off!

We drove a bit to find the right spot, sometimes driving in circles on the little narrow road to the Cinque Terre. But after much deliberation, we found the perfect spot with smooth concrete walls to sit on, use as a table and drink in some stunning views of the Mediterranean sea and the mountains around Riomaggiore. It was down a private road for residents only, but we figured that was to keep the tourists out. We were a little worried that someone might have a problem with us setting up our picnic on their 'private' wall, and the residents that passed us did have something to say--"che bell'idea, buona cena!" which means, "what a good idea, have a good dinner!"
I love the Italians.

What a view! Aside from the mountains and the sunset, below our dangling feet were the vegetable gardens of the local residents, plump with summer's bounty. Everything from squash to bell peppers; tomatoes to eggplant; all covered by a canopy of grape vines. Italians take their food very seriously and I would bet there are more vegetable gardens per capita in Italy than anywhere else. Fantastico!
We drank the sun away, with a cool breeze and a bottle of local wine. Can it get any better?

This is the beauty of Liguria! I love the way the mountains plummet straight down into the water. It creates such interest and movement and absolute beauty. Add to that a gorgeous sunset and it makes everything magical. 

Now that was a good picnic!

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  1. rebecca new york28 April, 2012 01:47

    Nicole !!!!!this is so lovely !!!!!! the whole experience, photos, comments, description, atmosphere !

    Ligurian Picnic
    "My husband is not a picnic guy--it's not that he doesn't like picnics, it's just that he never thinks it's a good idea."

    This is so funny.


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