09 August 2011

Insalata di Sgombro

The other night I threw together a quick salad on an experimental whim. I started with the idea of cooking sliced red onion in salt. Left for twenty minutes in salt, onions sweat out their water, turn translucent and get very sweet. I decided to use the salt and capers from my homemade salted capers and it infused the mixture with an amazing caper aroma! 

I gave the onions and capers a good rinse and added them to some freshly sliced tomatoes, which balanced the remaining saltiness. 

After a good stir I added filets of canned mackerel called sgombro in Italian (fresh white fish like sole or tilapia would work well also). 

I wasn’t sure how it would come out, but it was amazing! The onion and caper concoction was truly delicious and would be great as a topping for all sorts of things! Give it a try yourself--even if you don’t have capers--‘cooking’ onions in salt for 20-30 minutes renders them sweet and delicious. 

Buon appetito!

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