12 March 2018

Free Culinary Nutrition Training

Culinary Nutrition Mini-Training

Making healthy chocolate chips; learning to create your own gluten-free flour mix; revamping a banana muffin recipe into a vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar free recipe... Learn all of this from a new free mini-training series from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition!
Meghan Telpner, Nutritionista Extraordinaire, is an absolute joy to watch and learn from as she teaches everything you need to know about making your favourite foods healthy. This mini series is a great way to get a taste for her course and learn some great baking tips.

Here's the breakdown of the mini-training:
  • All recipes are free of gluten, dairy, processed sugar, nuts, soy, and eggs
  • Participants receive all the recipes in downloadable/printable form
  • 5 modules in length with short instructional videos for each step
  • 100% free and online
If you like what you see, I cannot recommend her course enough. I've studied health and nutrition my entire life, but it wasn't until I took the Culinary Nutrition program that I learned to apply my knowledge to the kitchen, creating and revamping food fit for any diet. And the course is so much fun, you'll wonder how the time passed so quickly.

If you are interested in learning more about cleaning up your diet, healthy eating, recipe development or even becoming a health coach, start with this free mini-training and then check out the full program here.

Also, if you're curious to see what graduates are posting, search Instagram with #CNEprogram for tons of amazing recipes and wholesome foods.

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